Since 1977 our company realizes graphite products and components in all its forms and dimensions mainly for: aluminum foundries and metal industries, automotive industry, glass industry, refractory industry, heat treatment and vacuum furnaces, mechanical engineering, die casting and sintering, high temperatures, etc).

We are active since so long time on Italian market and our company is located in a village named Pregnana Milanese, very close to Milan city.

As manufacturer, we provide a large range of graphite products, just for example:
- tubes for gas injection
- plates
- hot top rings, casting rings for aluminum billets
- rods, shafts and rotor heads
- heaters and heat exchangers
- pumps, bearings, seal rings and gaskets
- dies and crucibles

We realize every kind of graphite products, just ask to us!

Extruded graphite, isostatic and vibrated graphite, graphite with anti-oxidation treatment, molded graphite are just examples of graphite grades that we supply realizing our products.

Our products are machined with high precision to satisfy each customer as we can work on specific requests and on precise patterns. Reliability is an important value for us.

We work with many distributors, as in a partnership, because we can offer the best quality at the best price. Strategies and long-standing loyalty are more than just keywords. 

Our experience and our sales network allow us to find the best performing materials to use for each application. Our target is your satisfaction.