Our company works since 1977 processing graphite in all its forms and dimensions (for industrial plants, foundries, heat treatment, die casting, aluminum degassing, etc. ..) providing products such as hot top rings, plates, degassing auctions complete with rotors (head-porous), tubes, graphite screws, clamps, heaters, substrates, plates and more.

Our products are machined with precision and care and also treated in order to ensure quality and longer periods of wear when used (for example adding antioxidants treatments).

We can satisfy our customers on the basis of specific requests and working on precise patterns given us by clients.

Our sales network allows us to find blocks of graphite from Germany, Japan and internal market, to meet fully the characteristics of materials requested by each customer.

We have the possibility to use the best materials for each application of our products and guarantee to offer a wide variety of choice.

In addition, we transform raw material into a machined product, and so our products go directly to our customers.